There is no one size fits all for a successful transformation

Companies must be able to combine the speed of collective transition for all with the consideration of the specific individual needs for each person. iNNERSHiP system is your ally to enable employees to be the drivers of change within 4 months.

Collective transformation, individualized

Companies must adapt quickly, integrating the individual into the common project.

That is why all iNNERSHiP experiences are collective, but they include the optimal proportion of individual coaching or self-development. Our technology allows for scalable programs that still adapt to every single targeted individual. It also allows a cost-efficient human support with no time and space constraint.

Each change becomes an opportunity to retain and fully engage the workforce.

How does it work for your target audience?

Introducing the journey

Experience our just approach.

In line with the change to lead, the experience is structured in simple steps.

Communication is activated to get traction.

The target audience is invited to participate in a kick-off session to start the change journey usually lasting a few months.

Starting the journey

Just in time. Just enough.
Just for them.

All aspects of the experience are carefully rolled out in a given sequence. From start to closure, we leverage technology and human support for a continuous and dynamic experience that adapts to each individual.

Discover all components we play with.

Collective Experience

Participants experience collective time together that is strategically designed with our "just" approach. Typical collective times include kick-off sessions, co-development workshops, or a memorable closure session.
They are short and efficient to fit into any agenda, still tapping into the power of the collective.

Individual Transformation

The collective change is real if people make a visible change individually. Each at their own pace, and based on where they start from, they make a lasting change thanks to tailor-made support from a coach, a mentor or a peer. Securing that individual shift is the core of an iNNERSHiP change programme.

Digital Experience

The power of technology allows structure for participants. Our powerful app and coaching platform is a safe space and gives flexibility to progress on their change journey with continuous support and targeted resources. For you, the business leader who is owning the change, this digital experience allows for progress monitoring, trends and quality insights.

Communication & Traction

The diffusion plan is implemented in collaboration with you, the change's owner. We activate a pull effect towards the program at different stages, making internal communication easy for you and next steps clear for the target audience.

The combination of self-reflection, human support and digital structure was the perfect balance according to me. This can be adapted to each situation depending on where you are at.

Carine Maunier
Directrice of Components,
Support and services - Airbus Helicopters

For me going through this program  was truly a success. Today, I feel enriched as a leader. I ended the program with a wealth of tools and new directions on which to rely and which I use on my daily life at work.

Alexandre Ung
Finance Director - Edenred Asia

Closing the journey

Measuring success

With closure approaching, participants focus on anchoring the change for lasting results. Collective change has been closely monitored on a regular basis and it is now time to celebrate the change accomplished.

Short, mid, and long-term KPIs are defined together upfront. We track participant advancement and engagement, as well as strategic metrics and trend analysis for the group. Measurement is rigorous to ensure that change occurs by the end of the programme.

Enabling up to 92% of employees to become the drivers of change within 4 months.

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