Allowing business leaders to achieve collective change

We provide tailor-made programs that are collective & scalable, ensuring everyone finds it meaningful, gets engaged and becomes the drivers of change.

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Reach your strategic goals thanks to blended change programs offering a unique, simple and transformational experience. Enabling up to 92% of employees to become the drivers of change within 4 months.

Tailor Made Solutions

A step by step approach to make your change a success

In a world of successive crisis, companies need to adapt faster and to integrate new individual expectations. One size fits all and traditional top down approaches to change are not working anymore. For each need, we tap into the power of the collective, the drivers of individual motivation and technology to ignite your change.


Tech-powered change programs rolled out for targeted audiences in various environments and companies around the globe.


Countries where we operated a change.
No time or space constraints.

75% of customers addressing more than 1 change project with iNNERSHiP.

They made a collective change starting from the individual
What is your change?

A deep understanding of where you are now and where you want to go

We need to elevate our operational leaders, moving from an “instruct and conduct" mode to "coaching their teams.

We need to fluidize moves across the business, ensuring transitioning into a new role is both efficient and engaging.

We need our workers to be more versatile and help them gain confidence on new tasks.

We need to align our leadership team around our 3 core themes this year: trust, agility and ownership. We need to bring those 3 words to life in their day-to-day.

Making the experience

that will efficiently guide your people through change

We take into account:
  • Your audience: Volumes, geography, languages, roles...
  • Your planned investment: Time, budget and resources
  • Your timeline for expected results
  • Your branding and reference material
  • Specific needs or risks to address
Rigour in coordination, monitoring and execution
Secure delivery and peace of mind thanks to your iNNERSHiP project manager
Coordination of stakeholders
Traction and communication
Execution from
kick-off to closure
Live reporting,
ROI measurement and fine-tuning
Anchoring and celebration
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COO, Kenmare
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Director of Brand Management - Banque Populaire du Sud
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Director of Human Ressources
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CEO - Boiron Canada
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