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Discover business cases of collective change projects in various industries and for different audiences.

What I like about my role as a project manager is entering a new ecosystem each time in different territories: Europe, Africa, North America. The key is trust from the start. The client has to feel that we are immediately involved in their ecosystem.

Cécile Fouché
Project Manager at iNNERSHiP

I find it fascinating to understand the voice of the leader, the vision of the person who is responsible for the change to be led. There are common issues between companies and sectors, but in reality each leader has a very specific need, context and intention.

Thomas d'Hauteville
Co-founder of iNNERSHiP

My priority is not to "sell a solution", but to enable my client to succeed in their change projects. The whole team is sincerely mobilized around this mission so that our clients can tell us : I see change, I feel it's moving, people tell me it's working.

Caroline Jost
Co-founder of iNNERSHiP

Co-creating together is very important. When we plan communications for targeted groups, we have to adapt and constantly grow with them. This is what makes the experience powerful and exciting.

Pauline Borrel
Lead Communication and Marketing at iNNERSHiP

How can we help with your change?

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How can we help with your change?

What is the price per participant?

To move from A to B for your change project, there are different ways. Imagine. To go from one city to another, you have different itineraries and transportation possibilities. You can walk, cycle, drive as one person or as a group. You can take the train, you can fly, or you can even decide to visit the city remotely with online tools. None of those will have the same cost.

The price per participant for an iNNERSHiP experience depends on the formula chosen together. The decision will be made based on your budget, your constraints and on the size of your audience. Based on these factors, we can work together on the most cost-efficient approach. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you can implement a quality change experience. To do this, we will give you an overall cost, along with a cost by participant, to control your budget and to make implementation feasible.

How do you measure success?

Without measurement, there are no real results. Measurement and adjustment take place all along the journey with iNNERSHiP. We define the KPIs together for the short, mid and long term. There are 3 types: progression and engagement of participants, strategic indicators, and trend analysis for the group. For example, some customers come to us wanting to make a change, supported by in-house data or a recent engagement survey. This allows us to precisely measure the increase based on the exact comparison or question.

Also, when operational leaders tell us they 'see' the difference in the day-to-day, which is to us, another important sign of success beyond numbers. The change is real and felt. 

What is the investment required for your team?

It depends on your resources and your desired level of involvement. Often we are asked to manage everything throughout the process to save you time. We will adapt your needs.

Do you have ready-made programs?

No, we have basic programs, but we always customize them to your audience and your change. You can however choose the level of customization.

What is the difference with other digital coaching platforms?

We offer a service that can include hybrid coaching and we have a platform that allows us to tailor experiences at a lower cost but we do not consider ourselves as a platform. Some clients do not use our platform or a coaching approach. It all depends on your need. Here you will have an experience that works with your challenges and your audience.

How long does a program last?

It all depends on your change. But a program takes an average of 4-months.

Can we choose the coaches? Can we use our in-house coaches?

We have a pool of coaches around the world and we are here to offer you the best fit. However, if you have in-house coaches that you want to involve, that's entirely possible! It's also possible that you don't need coaching in your experience. For that, let’s discuss.

What is the investment in time per week per participant?

Each participant proceeds at his/her own pace. However, a minimum of 30 minutes per week is strongly recommended. The most important thing for the participant is to find the right moment to advance on his or her journey.

What happens at the end of a change program?

The closing experience is validated with you beforehand. It can include a specific event depending on the project (e.g., graduation or experience sharing).  The satisfaction of the participants and the ROI are also reviewed during the last project review, with recommendations for a sustainable success of the project before celebrating together the progress made.

What languages are available?

All languages are available! There is even the option to have several languages available within the same program, to meet the needs of each participant.

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