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Transforming the Leadership Model to enable company growth

Chronopost is the French leader in quick delivery of parcels weighing up to 30 kg to both businesses and individuals.

Chronopost developed a new managerial charter that included values and a set of anticipated behaviors

To meet their ambitious new growth targets, DPD Chronopost needed to deeply transform their leadership model. Managers had to adopt a new mindset and behaviors to attract, develop, engage, and retain diverse talents across different regions.

A managerial charter outlining values and expected behaviors was created and communicated. However, top-down communication and training alone were insufficient; a significant challenge was to embed this new model into the daily work of managers at all sites.

A complete development program with coaching

A tailored development program was designed to bring together this collective need  with individual strengths and aspirations: everyone had to find it meaningful and to be interested in using it daily. This programs mixes : 

  • collective workshops with codevelopment - to boost team mindset and belonging

  • a customized digital pathway - to allow for structured, continuous coaching & self-development

  • The optimal proportion of individual coaching sessions -  to make sure everyone could connect with their individual strengths & aspirations
Mourad Bouziane
HR Director Chronopost
Creation of Chronopost Management Academy

After four months, top management has observed and felt a noticeable shift in behaviors and mindsets at both headquarters and remote sites, with a positive impact on engagement, performance, and retention.

As a result, the program has been renewed for five years. Participants are proactive drivers of their transformation, taking ownership to experiment with new methods, routines, and behaviors, and embedding them over time.

Over 90% of participants are individually engaged in the collective change, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 59.


Visible change for managers on the move every day


of managers have adopted a new mindset and behaviors


of participants are individually engaged in the collective change


of the managers recommend the pathway to their peers

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