Boosting empowerment and productivity on a mining site

Kenmare Resources plc is an established mining company, which operates the Moma Titanium Minerals Mine, located on the north east coast of Mozambique.

Elevating operational leaders in the mine

In Q4 2020, Kenmare's COO approached us to design & implement a change programme. The goal was to allow leaders to perform on a daily basis and ensure that each shift ran smoothly from a people standpoint. Part of the challenge was also to find a way to make the change real and visible for all, considering life at a mine and fly-in / fly-out schedules.

Higino Jamisse
General manager
Coaching my team as a Kenmare leader

A 5 month hybrid change program was designed specifically for Kenmare's operational leaders with one focus: coaching my team as a Kenmare leader. All components of the change program were created and implemented with that purpose in mind, resulting in a real and visible shift in the culture, in the way leaders led, and allowed a beneficial impact on engagement, safety, and productivity at the mine. On-site, strong collective times and individual coaching sessions were organized around kick-off and closing with each cohort. The remainder was a hybrid formula that matched the participant's schedule while leveraging technology and constant support. A team of eight iNNERSHiP partners (facilitators and coaches) delivered the training over a two-year period in both English and Portuguese.

Ben Baxter
Kenmare COO
4 months after the first kick-off, a change was already visible and felt

More than 90% of the leaders who participated in the pilot considered themselves actively engaged in change: a shift was observed by both employees and managers. The change programme contributed to record site production levels and strong health and safety results. By the end of 2022, 98% of operational leaders had applied for this programme as a result of the traction and visible results at the individual and collective level. As the blended formula proved to work well at Kenmare and deliver results, it has now been applied to succeed other strategic changes in support of Kenmare's business strategy.


Visible change for managers on the move every day


of operational leaders applied for this change program


of leaders gained impact in their role as a result of the program


Kenmare leaders completed an iNNERSHiP change programme to date

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