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Accelerate the onboarding of new hires to speed up the execution of large engineering projects

Axione is a telecommunications infrastructure operator deploying ultra high-speed solutions in Europe. It is a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction's Energy & Services division.

Axione recruits hundreds of people every year

Fast-growing company Axione (Bouygues Group) recruits hundreds of people every year, on different sites in Europe. General management needed to speed up the execution of a variety of large projects, therefore there was a need for an accelerated onboarding process to meet the required personnel needs.The company's technical training programs existed to provide the basic technical training. However, the new hires were in need of a holistic onboarding program which enabled them to embrace quickly their new work culture. The program therefore needed to promote both self-empowerment and a strong safety mindset, rather than just technical skills.

iNNERSHiP designed a custom program in which everyone is the hero.

iNNERSHiP has created a program in line with their strong desire to digitalize. A mentoring approach was put in place to anchor this change. This 3 months development pathway combines a digital journey with individual coaching by experienced mentors. The program's strength is that it has been tailored to all current procedures and tools, including existing training courses within the company.

Pierre Martin-Granel
Chief Operations Officer
A successful mentoring culture

Best practices, HSE standards and expected behaviors were shared across all Axione sites and regions. With the implementation of this program, the typical company onboarding process of four months was reduced to three. First-time managers reported feeling more confident and supported in the lead-up to their new role. Measurable indicators were able to highlight gaps between the regions, giving Axione general management insights into opportunities for improvement.


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