Broadening the talent succession pool to support business growth

Chanel is a French high-end luxury fashion house founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel in Paris.

Boost mobility to widen the succession pool

To continue their growth in a sustainable way, the CHANEL Fashion Division needed to widen its succession pool of talents by boosting mobility and transversality. Other related objectives were to secure talent retention, boost employee satisfaction, give each individual greater responsibility for their own professional development, and to enable everyone to take the lead of their own career. In addition, Chanel wanted to deploy and anchor a new performance and self-development model.

A tailor-made career development program

Managers were offered to participate in a career development program, entirely tailor-made for the CHANEL Fashion division. This blended 4-month program included both individual coaching and collective workshops, all structured within a gamified digital pathway. Each participant had to to take a step back to reflect on current the challenges, opportunities, constraints and changes going-on at Chanel, and then relate them to their own individual strengths and aspirations. Participants received consistent feedback throughout each stage of their journey and were encouraged to stretch outside of their comfort zone. The program began in Paris. It was later adjusted and deployed in Dubai for the Middle-East area. To broaden the impact of the Paris project to the Middle-East region, the program had to be further customized to take into account local cultural specificities and managerial culture.

Professional mobility acceleration

Participant satisfaction rate exceeded 94%. KPIs related to professional mobility increased significantly (% is confidential) within 1 year following the program. A culture of self-empowerment was developed, with improved proactivity and openness to new perspectives. Participants reported that this experience aligned their professional goals and values with that of the company.


Taking the lead on your own development


of participants changed jobs with 1 year following the program. (confidential)


of participants felt they were supported in their career development


regions impacted (France & Middle East)

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