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Securing career development and retention of expatriates

Air France-KLM is a top player in the global aviation industry and possesses three main businesses: passenger air traffic, cargo traffic and aviation maintenance.

Ensuring expatriates relocate successfully

In the context of organizational change and transformation, Air France wanted to actively support expatriate leaders in their relocation, and to give these individuals greater responsibility overall regarding their career mobility projects.

Tailor-made support for career development

These expatriates leaders were offered an individual development program called "My career project", which included a unique combination of individual coaching, personality tests, and a customized digital development pathway. Each participant was responsible for identifying the connection between their individual strengths and aspirations with the new challenges and opportunities facing Air France. This objective was set to encourage the participants to understand that through their own development, they could have a meaningful contribution to the success and elevation of the company. In addition, participants were given holistic feedback generated by a 360- Assessment, alongside extensive guidance on how to develop their network internationally.

Enhanced proactivity and retention

As a result of the "My Career Project" program, expatriate leaders at Air France became increasingly connected to the evolution and growth of the whole company. Participants became highly active in taking the lead in their own career relocation, all in line with Air France's corporate expatriation process. Central Management noticed an evident increase of levels of empowerment, proactivity and openness to new perspectives.



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